Being Careful With Testosterone Supplementation

Testosterone is one such important hormone that is responsible mostly for developing the sexual organs of the body as well as the overall body composition of all the men. The production of this hormone gets enhanced with the beginning of one’s puberty. In fact, it reaches to the maximum point in most of the men while the age is late teenage or somewhat early twenties.  Some of the studies have been done about the function of this testosterone-based products’ effect on the teens, these products are called a testosterone booster. The present research focuses on recovering those men, who have very low testosterone. Some doctors suggest caution while making use of the sports performance products, especially those which improve testosterone.

Poor testosterone amount have different effects at various ages. For young boys, it refers to testes; however, for some men, who have normal level of testosterone, consuming hormone supplements may lead problems. Now, see the effects of this hormone supplements on teens.

Changing of the body composition

Increasing amount of the hormone, testosterone may lead to the alteration in the composition of the body of teens, for example, bigger muscle mass along with lower fat in the body. The researches proved considerable boost of the weight and the muscle mass. At the same time, there may be decreased amount of fat. Throughout the period of puberty, the standard teenagers may find the better height, quicker growth of muscle and development of the present fibers of muscle. The usage of various anabolic substances, for example, pro-hormones or steroids, to augment testosterone may stop bone development and lessen ultimate height permanently.


The higher levels of testosterone are likely to lead to the higher secretions of oil to a teen’s skin, and it causes blocked pores or blemishes. The acne may grow mostly on the shoulders, face or the back. The rate of the presence of acne may increase, on the basis of the amount of effective testosterone within the body.


It is generally called as the gyno, and it indicates the development of bigger than usual mammary glands. Besides, in case of the makes, the tissue of breast may also be affected. The gyno may be caused due to the ratio of estrogen and testosterone, and it can also be very hard to undo. Such kind of the disparities may occur because of the failure of usual testosterone creation that can crop up while testosterone formation is unnaturally operated.

Sexual urge

There is another side effect of the increased hormone, i.e., testosterone. This may bring about the higher level of sexual performance and desire. The research demonstrates this enhancement in both males and females. While the testosterone gets considerably increased with the use of any supplement or product, which consists of aromatase-inhibitor, the sensual activities may be significantly lessened in due course. It is important to research and select the best testosterone booster before making a purchase and risking side effects. It is for the reason that such kinds of the available supplements perform the work with the decrease of estrogen. The sensual performance or desire needs testosterone as well as estrogen.

So, take Testosterone supplements only when it is suitable for you.

What are natural pre-workout supplement benefits?

What are natural pre-workout supplement benefits?

pre workout
Creatine, beta alanine and citrulline malate are getting a lot of talk in the gym and on the forums. They are the core three pre-workout supplements that people are seeing results with. That doesn’t mean that all you need to do is power down 1,000s of milligrams to see your pump jump. Each of these supplements has the reputation they do because they have been studied to determine how they work, when they work, and what they work best. To really create the best pre-workout supplement, you need to know your body’s needs as well as what a supplement can do.

Natural beats synthetic because it trains your body better
There is still an emphasis on synthetic stacks in the bodybuilding world, but there is more acknowledgment of the long term losses that result from them. If you look at those who are suspected of having developed Palumboism you begin to get a sense that the short term gains from a synthetic aren’t delivering any real benefits. The natural pre-workout supplements deliver benefits that adapt with you, rather than trap your body in an artificial cycle.

Learning to work with natural cycles
There is more to natural cycles then just changes that come with getting fit or aging. If you really pay attention to your pattern of gains, supplements and routines – you can begin to track how your body metabolisms act throughout the day and year. Factors like stress, time of day, sleep habits, diet and weather all impact your body. If you know what that impact in, you can easily adjust the supplement dose or type so it is still effective. Synthetics never address how the body works, they only seek to force a reaction – and that can lead to toxic results.

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The Best Arm Workouts

Find the Arm Workouts That Work Best for You

Bodybuilders tend to plan out their week with different muscle groups the focus of different days. Below are five of the best arm workouts, which focus on the biceps. These workouts are well-respected and known to be beneficial when bodybuilding. These workouts require the equipment in the weight room, so get dressed for the gym and head there to try them out.

Standing Concentration Curl
This exercise increases bicep thickness. It involves placing the arms in front of the body with a rotation in the shoulder.

Barbell Curl
A classic move, the barbell curl can be done one at a time or both at once. Keep in mind that the more your wrists move, the more workout reaches your biceps.

Overhead Cable Curl
A good variation of this is to do one arm at a time, getting the arm straight up so it touches the side of your head and then curling the arm behind the head.

Wide-grip Standing Barbell Curl

This stance and grip results in a rotation of the shoulder and change in position for the humerus. Do not lean back during the reps for this exercise, as it is self-defeating.

The EZ Bar Curl
This exercise tends to shift a bit of the focus off the biceps and onto the flexors at the elbow. Still, with an easy bar compared to a straight bar, differences can be noted. It helps to keep your workout momentum going and can be more comfortable to some individuals.

These various exercises focus on different areas of the biceps or on different movements to maximize your bicep building efforts. This means a better overall muscle tone and increased abilities in the various methods of movement that were used for these bicep exercises.

The Best Pre-Workout Supplement for Pumps


What makes the best pre workout for pumps?

You can spot a beginner because they make a big production of downing their pre workout stack in the locker room. Pros know that part of making something the best pre workout for pumps is the timing. You need to take it about 30 to 40 minutes before your workout so your body can digest the supplements and make them available to your metabolism as a resource.

Why creatine?

Creatine is always on the list for the best pre workout for pumps because it has the history to prove how effective it is to the muscle action cycle. It is so effective that recent studies have shown that it should be included in a post stack as well. Creatine allows for water to be absorbed and retained in muscle fiber so it can protect against high levels of nitrous oxide and Ph imbalances so you can get more out of your workout. The added fluid retention is also essential to muscle growth in recovery.

Why citrulline?

L-Citrulline works very well pre-workout and it also occurs in the body naturally. It is the amino acid created by the interaction of ornithine and carboyml phosphate. It then acts in the muscle to reduce nitrous oxide levels by binding to it so your urea cycle can process the toxin quicker. This results in less fatigue, less injury and more gain. All of the best pre-workout pump stacks include citrulline as one of their core ingredients.

Why caffeine?

Caffeine is old school and good school. If you are looking for pumps choose this as your stimulant of choice. It only takes about 95mg to deliver what you need, or about two cups of coffee. Caffeine makes it in all the best pre workout for pumps not just for its energy boost, but for how it makes that happen. Acting between adenosine and its receptors, plus providing better vascular operation – caffeine feeds the central nervous system resulting in better focus, breathing, stamina and metabolic processing.

The Best Natural Testosterone Booster

Best natural testosterone booster

If you want to be well, and be built, then your answer lies in testosterone. It doesn’t lie in synthetic testosterone, that comes with too many risks. The best natural testosterone booster to be found can include one or all of these ingredients. These are ingredients with a rich and long anecdotal history of improving testosterone levels, but they also now have a raft of clinical evidence behind them that is documenting the testosterone boost, and starting to explain why they work.



Shilajit is a naturally occurring herb that has scientific evidence behind it that it boosts testosterone levels in the body. Its base active ingredient is fluvic acid, this is the substance needed by the body to promote use and conversion of progesterone into testosterone. Shilajit has been shown to boost testosterone and also ATP levels post-exercise in new emerging research. It is recommended that you take shilajit before you work out as your body will boost your testosterone levels in response to the stress of exercising naturally, but that the shilajit will allow your body to produce more during your normal exercise session.



Ashwaganda isn’t an herb you normally think of when it comes to testosterone, in fact, its traditional use as a healing herb and overall wellness booster haven’t really addressed what it can do for testosterone. A few years ago, some researchers examining the wellness boosting aspects detect signs that it may be so efficient because it is boosting progesterone levels in men. After a series of clinical trials the initial results are that most men who take ashwaganda so experience significant volume growth in semen and have noted testosterone level increases. In proper dosing, it can boost testosterone for men. In smaller doses designed to promote health and well-being it remains safe for women to take too.



Derived from the plant Coleus Forskohlii, this has been used by Indians for centuries to treat asthma and vascular ailments. Recent studies have shown that participants taking Forskolin also experienced a change in their body composition. It works by increasing levels of AMP in the body, which effect the contraction-ability of muscles. It is thought that this increase of AMP promotes more efficient muscle use and triggers the progesterone release. More progesterone will equal more testosterone.

What you need to watch out for

If you are looking for the best natural testosterone booster then you are probably also following the standard regimen of protein shakes and other body building supplements. If you are going to invest the time and money in getting big, you want to make sure that you aren’t taking anything that is going to neutralize the testosterone boosting properties of these supplements. You want to avoid anything that has a grapefruit seed extract in it, and stay away from soy proteins. Grapefruit seed extract can neutralize supplements and medications. Soy promotes estrogen in the human body, and that is not what you are looking for with these. Stay to the clean proteins such as whey, casein or pea. You also want to make sure that you take the best natural testosterone booster supplements as directed too.

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5 Best Arm Workouts For Toned Arms

You don’t have to spend an entire day working your arms in the gym twice a week to get results. If you perform the 5 best arm workouts you will see gains. Most of the machines are variations on these major foundation exercises. If you are pressed for time, this is all you really have to do to keep your form building. They are easy to do, but the key is to do them slowly and evenly. It is only through the contraction and expansion control that the fibers of the muscle are most taxed.

Incline dumbbell curls

Incline dumbbell curls allow you to isolate the biceps and work the muscle at an unusual angle that complements standard curls. Set a bench at a 30 to 40° angle. Make sure you are sitting with your feet flat on the ground. You do not want your hips to rock when you do this exercise by stay firmly in the position on the bench. Raise and lower the dumbbells in a standard curl while keeping your shoulders back on the inclined bench.

Barbell curls

While standing, use a curl barbell and grab the grips towards the center. Raise and lower the bar in a smooth fashion. Be sure to extend downward enough to almost straighten out your elbows but do not overextend or let your elbows push back behind the mid line of your body. It is also important that you keep your back straight and don’t use it, or your legs, to help lift the weight. Lift the weight in a standard curl.

Seated Isolation Curl

The seated isolation curl is one of the best, but one of the least performed in the gym. Sit in a very relaxed position and lean forward with your forearms on your thighs. Pick up the dumbbell in one hand and curl it into your chest up towards your shoulder. Your grip should twist slightly outward as you come toward your shoulder. Lower the dumbbell to follow the same arc and bring the weight lower than your knees but do not fully extend the arm.


Skullcrushers are very effective, but as the name implies they are also very dangerous. Lie on your back on a straight bench and use a reverse grip on the barbell. Bring your arms down so the bar is over the center of your forehead. Your arms should be bent with the forearms in a 90° angle to you bicep, parallel to the floor. Bring your forearms up so they are straight and then lower them again to perform one rep. Keep your shoulders and biceps firmly on the bench while doing these.


You can do these on a bench or an official dip station. The bench type will only work the triceps, but the front faced dip will work the entire arm. Grab the station bars and lower yourself until your biceps are parallel to the floor and then lift your body up again. This is one dip.